Holy Updates! aka Painting Final from Last Semester

Oh My God, this blog is waaaayyyy overdue to be updated. Professor Kurt Hollomon strongly disapproves!!!! Well, as per his suggestions, I will do my best to keep this thing current.
I will start this mad barrage of updating with my Illustration Painting Final from last semester. I know, that was last December, but I didn’t get the thing back ’til February… and then I got busy. MOVING RIGHT ALONG!
I created a prototype of an illustrated bestiary, specifically about creatures from Anglo-American folklore.
This is an accordion book, the cover created from illustration board and book cloth. Each illustration was 4″x4″, with a little description and background info next to each creature.
I believe the Jackalope needs no introduction. Fear him, he thirsts for your blood.
Ogopogo, the famous lake monster from British Colombia. For reference I used an image of an albino alligator and an image of a white eel.
And my favorite, the Wampus Cat. Obscure, cursed cat-woman from Native American mythology.

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