Perspective Still Life

The assignment was to create a composition that displayed a still life that contained some element of figure within it, and showing some level of atmospheric perspective.

Last Spring, I found a statue of Pan in the dumpster outside the art department at Clark College. Made out of plaster, he was painted to look like bronze and his head had apparently busted off. I instantly fell in love with this statue, and I’ve displayed him in my room ever since.

I made this drawing as a tribute to my statue. I drew him from a very low angle as an art challenge. I wanted him to be high in the composition, as to suggest his importance, but I wanted to see if I could successfully convey that he was merely a small object drawn from close up. I drew all this on craft paper, which gave me a mid-tone to start with. I rendered this with white and black Conté crayons.

The Headless Pan, Conté crayons on craft paper
Drawing II Spring 2010

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