The Journeys Project

This was my favorite assignment in Illustration Word and Image. We were to make up an explorer and illustrate/document their journey. We had to depict where they went, who they met, what they found etc. and create an illustrated book around this story.
I decided to make a Celtic children’s story: The Journey of Sionann Donnelly. This decision was inspired by a book I recently read, The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog by Patricia Monaghan.  

I made this one another accordion book. I made the cover out of illustration board and book cloth. The image on the cover (drawn with colored pencils) was an homage to one of my favorite motifs from history, The Three Hares. I snuck them in throughout the book.

cover page
Beginning of the story, intro to the character. First illustration shows her home-base (bedroom.)
page 2 and 3 are a little map of the journey…..
SURPRISE! Fold out, detailing the journey
Northern Irish cemetery (sorry about the blurriness)
Biddy Early’s cottage
At the Climax, Sionann is confronted by the goddess Ériu, who chews her out for stealing and tells her to go home.
Sionann flies home, and when she unpacks her things, she finds a book that tells the tale of her journey. 
There’s a little hidden raven in every image, as Ériu’s raven spies on Sionann throughout the story.

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