Illustration Painting II Final

My painting final serves two functions. As I wrote up in my final proposal, I wanted to create a fantasy illustration, something versatile that could be used for calendars, gaming books, or even books on witchcraft (like a John William Waterhouse painting.) These are the markets I want to get into as an illustrator. The primary reason I created this painting was as a devotional painting to Brighid, as I have certainly been blessed with inspiration, productivity, and skill this first year at art school.
Brighid, goauche
Illustration Painting II Spring 2010
For reference I set up a photoshoot with my friend Coleen. Have I mentioned yet that my friends are good sports? She was willing to let me dress her up and stand by a fire-pot in her backyard for an hour while I took pictures of her in the cold.
p.s. Coleen doesn’t really have horns.
I was able to superimpose this image over a woodsy background, the lighting was challenging but I pulled it off.
I was stoked that I pulled off the fire-pot as well.

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