My first big illustration assignment was to illustrate a phobia. I chose Scelerophobia.  We started the project out with ideations. I knew that I was going to create something of an image montage, so I churned out a bunch of compositions for the elements of my main piece out in my sketchbook:

I then created the sketch for the actual composition:

Then the final piece, composed with goauche and color pencils. I tried to figure out how to work the contrast in this image to make the female the obvious focal point. I decided to make the images that represent the phobia as a transparent, make-believe membrane that was encroaching on her reality. This worked out pretty nicely as far as balancing out the contrast. And I’m happy to report that I finally found a place for Albert Fish in my artwork. Even the Zodiac!


goauche and color pencils

Valerie Herron 2010

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