Beats Antique, B.O., and the Children are our Future.

I just got back from seeing Beats Antique at the Crystal Ballroom. It was a really amazing show. Here are a few photos from the concert. I apologize that they are mainly a sea of heads and hands, welcome to the world of being 4’11” at a concert : 

As awesome as the show was, I must admit that it was packed with people who do not believe in deodorant. I came to this conclusion because the place smelled like a slaughterhouse before any of the bands started playing/people started dancing. I found myself taking a metal inventory of the different things people can smell like when their b.o. is unchecked:

1. Chicken soup

2. Corndogs

3. A bologna sandwich

4. Hint of Skunk

5. A moldy Spicerack

Quite the bouquet. It is so gross that we respond to pheromones.

I went to the show with one of my best-friends, Erin, her buddy Jeffrey, and her 3 kids, Sebastian, Alaia, and Vincent. These are some of the most rad kids I know, Erin must be constantly smug with her superior parenting abilities. Alaia was belly dancing with the best of them, Vincent got to play the big marching band drum when the lead dancer walked by with it, and Sebastian (12 yrs old) spent the evening socializing with 20 year olds. The kid has better social skills than I.

from left to right: Me, Alaia, Erin, Sebastian, Vincent.

I’m so impressed with how rad all of my friends’ kids are, as well as my own nieces and nephews. It makes me very optimistic about how the future will play out.

So after dancing hard all night, bussing back home, and eating half a burrito, I am exhausted. Goodnight, everyone. It’s back to art in the morning! 

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