Creatures of the Deep a.k.a Why is Illustrator so f***ing Hateful?

I know I mentioned this before, but Adobe Illustrator and I are not friends. I know that I need to make some effort in strengthening the quality of our relationship, however, since we will most likely have to work together for the rest of my life. I am not exactly thrilled to work with a coworker that forcibly micromanages your every move on a project, moves necessities when you aren’t looking, and generally can’t be reasoned with. Trying to work on Illustrator is like collaborating with somebody’s personality disorder on an art project. I’m half surprised that Illustrator hasn’t attempted to steal my boyfriend or burn down my apartment.

So after several days of frustration, mistakes, tweaking, and screaming at my laptop, I’m as done with the tile assignment as I’m gonna be:

Creatures of the Deep wallpaper tile - digital media, Valerie Herron 2012

It is far from perfect, but it’s not too bad for my second actual project made in Illustrator. I do plan on going back later and fixing the imperfections and fixing the composition for more seamless wallpapering. For now, I must walk away from this assignment before I throw my laptop.

Creatures of the Deep - Digital media, Valerie Herron 2012


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