Dang, it’s been a while!

Hello! I’ve decided to clear the dust off of this blog and start writing about my work regularly once more! Well, semi-regularly? Certainly with greater frequency than before.

Over the last year, loads of folks have been asking me to write more about my work. I’ve always struggled with this because I am most definitely not a writer. I am terrified of words, this is why I make images. The problem is that many of these images are confounding! So now that people are actually looking at my work, I must explain my bizarre creations.

This blog was initially a project for college. It was a way to document all of my studies in art and share my work with friends and family. I kept it going for a little while after I graduated. I am very amused by where it leaves off, because I recall it being point where my career truly started. For the following six years I had been so freaking busy, I don’t know that I could have stung two words together about my work even if I had wanted to.

In that time I moved to Seattle(ish), started working in the gaming industry, illustrated many publications, got so busy with illustration work that I had to move to a part-time day job, started working in the mortuary industry, and have been in numerous art exhibitions. Like one does.

Finally having adjusted to the hustle, I think I can carve out the time to talk a little bit about the work that I do. I will certainly try to keep this blog active. I aim to at least write something up for each of the images that I put out into the world. You can, of course, follow me on social media where I speak much more frequently, and display a lot of in process photos.

That’s it for now!

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