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Commercial Illustration test run

This illustration was for Illustration Word and Image. The assignment was to draw the commons at PNCA from observation, then take on of the model drawings we had down from class and superimpose it in the commons drawing. Then we were to tie it all together, with color and/or text if necessary to create a complete illustration. I found this assignment especially challenging as it is so far from the stuff that I normally due. Thankfully I have few issues drawing from observation.

To make a long story short, I drew the commons, drew the model, used light washes of gouache for color, inked in all of the contours, and then tied all of the empty spaces together by putting text over them. 

The text is totally irrelevant, I used the poem The Human Abstract by William Blake, and then as an extra something I wrote “BEESTICKS: what secrets do you hold?” in the background.

The Human Abstract
Illustration Studio I Spring 2010

Sketchbook Shinannigans!

Work from my sketchbook was integral to my curriculum this semester. Up until this point, I mostly used my sketchbook to hash out compositional thumbnails for bigger pieces, practice through my own sketches of other people’s work, and for general rough sketches. This semester I took Illustration Word and Image from sketchbook luminary Kurt Hollomon. It has been YEARS since I created any complete compositions of my own in my sketchbook, so I wanted to display here some of the pieces from my sketchbook this semester that I was especially happy with.

My version of a Tara McPherson piece, acrylic
Still Life. Simple, but I like it. Ink.
Portrait of Aleister Crowley, ink
Another portrait of Aleister Crowley, goauche
experiment in naturalistic illustration, goauche and micron
The only drawing I have made start to finish with only ink, no graphite preliminary sketching!