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Heraldic Alchemy

I wanted to create sort of my personal homage to the art of Alchemy. It is an art that I am in awe of on all levels: the building blocks of modern chemistry, as well as a timeless means (or metaphor) for spiritual/personal transformation. I also love the idea that magicians and scientists were once almost one in the same. The persecution of scientists and magicians during the Spanish Inquisition is perhaps something relevant to re-examine during this present time of religious vitriol. Pardon the pun.

Alchemic symbolism a beautiful visual language. I’m not a fluent speaker, but hopefully my broken alchemic imagery will not make my Hermeticist friends cringe too much. So much of my work comes from my incessant need to romanticize the things I experience everyday. I have a love for the realm of Alchemy because I feel like an alchemist every time I turn on the coffee-maker and every time I combine mixed media into an art piece. Anyway, you get the point. Here is my Heraldic Alchemy series:

Putrification - traditional and digital media, Valerie Herron 2012
Reverberation - traditional & digital media, Valerie Herron, 2012
Distillation - traditional & digital media, Valerie Herron, 2012
Quinta Essentia - traditional & digital media, Valerie Herron, 2012
Revivification - traditional & digital media, Valerie Herron, 2012

In the next week I will be starting my Aleister Crowley inspired triptych. Stay tuned!