Sketchbook Shinannigans!

Work from my sketchbook was integral to my curriculum this semester. Up until this point, I mostly used my sketchbook to hash out compositional thumbnails for bigger pieces, practice through my own sketches of other people’s work, and for general rough sketches. This semester I took Illustration Word and Image from sketchbook luminary Kurt Hollomon. It has been YEARS since I created any complete compositions of my own in my sketchbook, so I wanted to display here some of the pieces from my sketchbook this semester that I was especially happy with.

My version of a Tara McPherson piece, acrylic
Still Life. Simple, but I like it. Ink.
Portrait of Aleister Crowley, ink
Another portrait of Aleister Crowley, goauche
experiment in naturalistic illustration, goauche and micron
The only drawing I have made start to finish with only ink, no graphite preliminary sketching!

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